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Well, it’s been a long road, but welcome to our new website! We are extremely proud of our new look which absolutely reflects the feel and ambience of Carnaval in Rio, a party which has been, from the very beginning, the model for our little celebration in Austin.

Carnaval artwork from a music venue in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

The site has been reorganized and should be easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. We’ll be adding and editing over the next few weeks, and we’ll make an effort to keep you informed of new developments in the world of Carnaval, samba, Brazilian music in Austin, etcetera, on a regular basis via this blog. If you have something you’d like to share, email us via the form at the bottom of the page (the “Contact” button) and we’ll try to include it as soon as possible, assuming it is relevant!

Zoe and Mik from Productive Insomnia, our web wizards.

We should mention here the folks who put the new site together, the team at Productive Insomnia, Zoe and Mik. Zoe did the phenomenal artwork and tolerated the almost endless back and forth of ideas and sketches we demanded of her! But in the end, she friggin’ nailed it! As someone said, it is very reminiscent of the street art you will find in Rio’s most Carnaval/Samba Crazy neighborhood, Lapa. We are extremely pleased and proud of what Zoe has produced. And the wizard behind the curtain, Mik, labored many long post-midnight hours to get the site to work as smoothly as it does, and helped enormously to clean up our digital act. You can reach the team at www.ProductiveInsomnia.com and Zoe’s artwork can be seen at www.zoematthiessen.com. If you need art or website design services of any sort, please consider these extremely talented folks!

The coming year is our thirty-sixth year to produce Carnaval. Wow! Sometimes it seems like only a few years ago we got this thing going—it has been so much fun, and so rewarding each year when we see a room full of thousands of smiling, no, grinning, faces. Yours included. If you’ve enjoyed the party over the years, share it with your friends, you can even do that painlessly via our FaceBook Fan page which can be accessed here.

We’ve made an effort to improve the celebration each year, but have also made every effort to maintain the basic feel and flow of the event. Our lighting is better, the sound system is better, we’ve done everything in our power (remember, we’re at the mercy of an outside City of Austin contract holder) to make drink lines move more quickly…and, most importantly, the music is markedly improved over the sometimes shaky bands we had the first few years. Kudos to all those who’ve contributed their musical talents over the years to make Carnaval what it is: Larry Crook, John Wheat (he even played the very first year, and is still playing with the Austin Samba School!), Susanna Sharpe, Russ Scanlon, Sergio Santos, Marianne Ebert, Helio Schiavo, Reinaldo Fernandes and Jorgão Silva of Beleza Brasil, and lastly, Robert Patterson and his amazing group of volunteers, Acadêmicos da Ópera, aka The Austin Samba School. Wow, the music is what makes the party and these are just a few of the significant contributors to that end. Party hats off to all of the great musicians we’ve been lucky to find.

Penny Moulder, Assistant Producer of Carnaval

I’d like to make a special call-out to the amazing force that helps pull all this together “on the ground” in Austin, the whirlwind energy that makes sure all the ducks are in a row, who organizes all the pre-Carnaval events which warm up city for the big event, who has been invaluable to the Carnaval team for almost ten years, Carnaval’s Assistant Producer Penny Moulder! If you see her in the crowd this February, give her a big “THANK YOU”!  And we should congratulate her on her upcoming wedding, coming up this Saturday! Penny, we all love you!

Ok, enough for now.

Enjoy the new site, share it with friends.

See you February 2, 2013, if not sooner!

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