Carnaval 2014 Is Less Than Three Weeks Away! Yikes!!!

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Well, it’s been too long since the last blog entry. But those who have done blogging know how hard it is to keep it up as regularly as one should (no comments on that Freudian slip!).

Carnaval 2014 is February 1, which is just over 3 weeks from now. Preparations are fast and furious at this stage of the game. New and better lights, an amazing show from Austin Samba, and some surprises!

The Austin Samba School has adopted as their 2014 theme the classic, iconic Carnaval film Orfeu Negro/Black Orpheus which is set during Carnaval in Rio, 1958. Great film: you should watch it if you have not seen it, or if you have not seen it recently, a fresh viewing will enhance your enjoyment of the show Austin Samba is preparing. Special guests will include Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, a fixture on the Rio Carnaval scene since the early 1960s: he was one of the musicians who appeared in the film. In addition, his daughter, Ana Carla Laidley, one of the most respect US-based samba instructors and performers. Will be quite an evening.

If you have not bought tickets, don’t wait too long, we do sell out, particularly our VIP option which are already nearly exhausted. Check the Ticket page via the button at the top of this page to purchase NOW!

As usual, we’ll have a coat check in case the weather turns cold and nasty. Hey, February weather in Austin is always anyone’s guess. Tip the nice folks from The Austin Sunshine Camps who will be staffing the coat check booths.

We have a few special events coming up: Our annual opening warm-up at Speakeasy on Friday, January 17 from 7-9pm featuring live samba drummers and dancers;  a special screening of the film Black Orpheus (that film is the theme for this year) at the Alamo Drafthouse (Slaughter Lane) including some very special guests on Thursday, January 30 at 7pm; and a poster signing at El Sol y La Luna with artist Susanna Blanton who has done three Carnaval posters, including this year’s fantastic Black Orpheus-inspired work, date to be announced.

2014 Carnaval Poster, painting by Susannah Blanton, inspired by the film Black Orpheus

Here is the poster, as always, for sale in our store…the button for that is at the top of the page. It really looks great up close and personal!

Ok, enough for now. Don’t forget: BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

More soon…

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