In preparation for a major move, Mr. SambaMaster is liquidating most of his earthly possessions. This includes about 1000 Brazilian CDs (I can’t list all of those, I’m incluiding here some special box sets for real fans and collectors). I have complete works by Milton Nascimento, Paulinho Da Viola, Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Jacob do Bandolim, Gonzaguinha (well, that later ones), Gil, Gal, Caetano, and dozens more. I think shopping via Skype is the best way to browse…I can go through the collection with you live. But I don’t want to sell just one and two, so if you are interested, I’d like to require a 10-CD purchase! Otherwise, too complicated, Prices reasonable.)

So other than the CDs, I have tons of Brazilian art, art books and Carnaval-related things. Silk-screen prints, wood block prints and more. I’m gonna post some photos here, with suggested prices. CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR ENLARGED VIEWS.  Feel free to offer more!  I will be driving to Austin on Feb 16 or so, and can deliver these to you then. Some of these are easier to ship, but the Circus painting and the glass framed stuff will be more difficult. Buyer pays the shipping.  I WILL BE POSTING MORE ITEMS NEARLY EVERY DAY, SO CHECK BACK!  (Contact info:  Mike Quinn, EMAIL HERE, or 512-300-7070 )

Painting for 2015 Carnaval Poster


Original painting for 2015 Carnaval Poster, “Circus”, 2014, by Susannah Blanton. It measures 36″ x 48″. Price: $450.












Painting for 2014 Poster, Orfeu Negro


“Orféu Negro”,  Original painting for 2014 Carnaval Poster, by Susannah Blanton. It measures 48″ x 60″. Price: $300.











Original Painting for 2010 Poster; Vitorino


SOLD! “Samba”, Original painting for 2010 Carnaval Poster, 2009, by Vitorino, signed. He is a very talented artist from Rio. It measures 27.5″ x 19.75″. Price: $250.




Alice In Wonderland, Original painting, unused, for Carnaval Poster


Alice In Wonderland, Original painting for 2011 Carnaval Poster (not used), 2010, by Susannah Blanton. It measures 48″ x 60″. Price: $250.








Texas do Brasil, Original Painting for 2016 Carnaval Poster




“Texas do Brasil” Original painting for 2016 Carnaval Poster, 2015, by Susannah Blanton. It measures 36″ x 48″. Price: $200.








Wood Block Print “Casa de Farinha”





“Casa de Farinha”, Wood Block Print/Xilogravura, multi-color,  1987 by Marcelo Soares. Traditional style print, framed. Measures w/frame: 25.75″ x 21.25″
Price: $300 (The framing today would cost at least $150, it’s rosewood, with non-acid matte, etc…)




Xilogravura, “Cavalo Marinho”


Wood Block Print/Xilogravura, multi-color, “Cavalo Marinho”, 1992 by Marcelo (last name unknown, but it’s signed!); limited edition, 97/100 . Traditional style print, framed. Measures (w/frame: 18″ x 13″
Price: $175



Xilogravura, “Serenata do Sapo”


“Serenata do Sapo”, Wood Block Print/Xilogravura, B&W, 2009, by Manassés Borges (Son of the legendary J. Borges). Traditional style print, framed, signed. Measures (w/frame: 21.5″ x 27.5″
Price: $200








Serigraph; “São Francisco”


Limited Edition Serigraph, “São Franciso” 91/100, by Unknown, but signed (I can’t recall the name, can’t read it, but he was prominent in Brasil in the mid ’80s. This is a hand-pulled silk screen print with approximately 8-10 colors, framed. Measures (w/frame: 21″ x 17″
Price: $275



Serigraph; Festa de Iemanjá


Limited Edition Serigraph, “Festa de Iemanjá” 18/100 (1987), by Sadi, prominent in Brasil in the mid ’80s. (His site: This is a hand-pulled silk screen print with approximately 8-10 colors, framed. Measures (w/frame: 24.75″ x 21″
Price: $275

close up of Festa de Iemanjá








“Sambista” Oil on Canvas





SOLD! “Sambista”, Original Painting, acrylic on canvas, by R. Alegria. Artist based in Rio. Measures 12.5″ x 17.5″
Price: $90










“BUMBA MEU BOI”, Original Painting, acrylic on canvas, by Norbim. Artist based in Rio. Measures 11.5″ x 7.75″
Price: $65



“Baianas” Oil on canvas


SOLD! “Baianas”, Original Painting, oil on canvas, unsigned, but artist based in Rio. Measures 13″ x 9.5″
Price: $75





Silk Screen print, Caçique do Garcia


“Caçique do Garcia”, silk screen print, 1980 , J. Cunha, not signed. This was a poster for a now defunct Carnaval group in Bahia, executed by a now-famous artist from Bahia, J. Cunha. Measures 19″ x 26″  This was very rare, gifted to me by a prominent Brazilian anthropologist whose name I can’t recall! This is a small scratch on the frame, easily fixed, and a tiny water stain at the top of the poster, about the size of a dime, or smaller.
Price: $140





Compact Discs:

I have about 1,000 Brazilian compact discs. I can’t list them all. But here are some special box sets, most are out of print now, so, collector’s items…If you have a special area of interest, as long as it’s not Roberto Carlos, I probably have some, like all Paulinho da Viola, most Caetano, most Gil, (these up till the early 2000s, much Gal Costa, Martinho da Vila, etc. Hundreds of historical collections and concentrations in old samba and choro, the real stuff. Don’t come looking here for Seu Jorge, he’s awful! But if you want to buy at least 10 CDs call me, we can shop via Skype or FaceTime, I’ll show you what I have. But hurry, at the end of April, someone is coming to buy everything in one swoop, then it will be too late!

Check these out (all these are like new, most discs are near mint, a few exterior boxes have normal shelf wear)

Dorival Caymmi: Amor e Mar. This is a seven-CD set that has about 13 or 14 of Caymmi’s LPs for EMI, collected, two per CD. It is essential stuff…you can get it on Amazon for $120, or…
Price: $75



Luiz Gonzaga, 50 Anos de Chão. This is a three-CD set that has about 60 or more of “Lua’s” greatest recorded over four or five decades for RCA. It is essential stuff…you can get it on Amazon for $75, or here for:
Price: $50


Clara Nunes Box; 9 CDs containing 16 LPs


SOLD! Clara Nunes: Clara. This is a nine-CD set that has just about everything Clara ever recorded. Consists of the material from two LPs on each of eight CDs, then a collection of rare recordings never before released. It is essential stuff…you can get it on Amazon for $400 (!!!), or here:
Price: $190


Nara Leão: NARA. This is a 14-CD set that documents the first half of Nara’s career (1964-1976), another box covers the second half. It is essential stuff…you can get it on Brazil’s “Mercado Livre” for about $200 (plus expensive shipping!), or here:
Price: $150


Noel Rosa; Noel Pela Primeira Vez


SOLD! Noel Rosa: Noel Pela Primeira Vez. This is a 14-CD set that documents the very first recording of 229 of Noel’s sambas. It is essential stuff…extremely rare! (One on eBay for $212.)
Price: $175




Coleção Folha RAIZES da Musica Popular Brasileira, 25 Volumes.  This was a series sold on newsstands by the giant newspaper, Folha de São Paulo in 2010. They released a new volume every other week…25 volumes in all. Each CD includes about 15 seminal works by 25 of Brazil’s most important song writers and a few performers. The hardback cover contains a 60-page booklet with history, song lyrics, and essential recording info. Amazing quality. Most of these are not opened! This would be a fantastic base from which to start a nice library of historical Brazilian music.  It is essential stuff…extremely rare! This music is very hard to find, and a collection of this quality and magnitude doesn’t exist anywhere else! Click on the images for enlarged versions, the artists are readable on the spines in the stack.
Price: $275






















Apoteose Ao Samba: 6 CDs


Apoteose Ao Samba, 6 CDs.  A fantastic retrospective of sambas recorded by Odeon, some dating back to the 20s and 30s, but new things as well. Odeon and Victor/RCA were the big labels in Brasil during all this time, they signed all the important singers from 1920-1980. This features music by such greats as:  Noel Rosa, Aracy Cortes, Mario Reis, Monsueto, Orlando Silva, Carmen Miranda, Dorival Caymmi, Moreira da Silva, Beth Carvalho, Paulinho da Viola, Clementina de Jesus, Elza Soares, Gonzaguinha, Dona Ivone Lara, João Nogueira, etc. If you know this names, you WANT this set. If you don’t know these names, you NEED this set!  Truly lovely collection.
Price: $90 (this is very rare, and going for around $130 used in Brasil)


Os Grandes Sambas da Historia, 18 CDs.  This was a collection of 40 CDs sold by Globo, in the late 90s, on newsstands. There were booklets to go with them at the time, but I never found those. Most of these recordings, which run from the 1930s through the 1980s are sourced from Victor/RCA, who, along with Odeon, cornered the market on Brazilian popular music during those decades. Each disc contains 12 sambas, and includes the song texts as well. Artists include: Anjos de Inferno, Moreira da Silva, Cyro Monteiro, Ataulfo Alves, Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Adoniran Barbosa, Paulo Vanzolini, Jamelão and dozens more. As above: If you know this names, you WANT this set. If you don’t know these names, you NEED this set!  Truly lovely collection.
Price: $120 (under seven bucks a pop!)

Jacob do Bandolim  Gravações Originais, 1949-1969. This is a three-CD set that collects the essential Jacob, much of it with Conjunto Epoca de Ouro, for his two decades with RCA. If you love choro, you must have this!…you can get it on Amazon for only $224, or here for:
Price: $75


Encíclopedia da Música Brasileira. This is a revised edition of a two-volume edition that was first published in 1977 (I have that one too if you are interested!) It is a fantastic reference and includes everything from classical to samba to folk, etc. If you are wanting to know about this music, you should have this book! …you can get it on eBay for $70, or here for:
Price: $45


















CARTOLA: Todo Tempo Que Eu Viver. This is a very rare biography of Cartola from the 1980s, yes, in Portuguese. Lots of great photos, and an inside look at his gentle genius.
Out of print long ago.   Price: $40







Iemanjá (as Santa Barbara) Goddess of the Sea, Plaster. 13″ tall. You could run all over Rio and Bahia and not find a version of this as nice. Trust me! I’ve tried. This is solid plaster with some rhinestones embedded in various places for accent, and a touch of gold here and there. Really beautiful!  Price: $100  (hard to part with this!)




Banda de Pífanos, fired and glazed clay, Caruaro, Pernambuco. 12″ wide, 6.5″ tall. You see these all over the NE of Brasil. This is a great example with one minor issue: when I carried it back, the base split in two…it’s glued back, and solid, but the crack is there…so the price is cheap, otherwise this would be expensivo!  Price: $35



Three Figures, wood carving/wall hanging. Mario Teles, Teresina, Piauí. 24″ tall. There is a name for this, but I can’t remember. I bought this in Teresina in 1980, so the memory is a little shaky! But it’s a very interesting piece. You won’t find another one like it in Austin, or just about anywhere in this country, nor even in Rio, you almost have to go to Piauí to find this stuff. They are renowned for their wood carving skills there. Sweet piece. $100