This is a collection of about 160 books I assembled on many trips to Brasil, from 1980 through 2010. Some pub. dates go back to the 1960s, some of the books are reprints of books dating back to the 1930s (Mario Andrade’s for example). I’ve read only a few of these, so most are in like new, nearly mint or mint condition. Some are rated VG-VG++ due to age. This collection would stand as an amazing base for a library in Brazilian folk and popular music and the folk cultures that created those forms. All are in Portuguese with maybe one exception, and most are classics in the field: Andrade, Homem de Mello, Tinhorão, Sergio Cabral, Tarik de Souza, Jota Efegê, etc.

Most of these are out of print (books in Brasil seem to be in print for only a year or so!) and are difficult to find today. This is a rare opportunity to have an astounding library of books on Brazilian music and culture. If you know this area of study, you know the quality of this collection. At one time I thought of writing a comprehensive study of the music for English speakers, but life go in the way.

The photos show the spines of most of the books with printed spines, some do not have that. I’ve included the covers of a few significant volumes.

If you have questions, please ask away. I do NOT want to break this up and sell random individual titles.

Thanks for looking!

OBS: Clearly, shipping will have to be determined at a later time. I will try to weigh these to get a more accurate idea, but I’m guessing it will be 4-5 book cartons totaling about 200 pounds.