Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding Carnaval Brasileiro:

What’s it like?

Hailed as Austin’s wildest party, CARNAVAL BRASILEIRO is the city’s annual Brazilian style Mardi Gras celebration. Begun in the early 1970s to soothe homesick Brazilian students, CARNAVAL has grown into a local institution attracting over 5000 partygoers from all over the United States. The flamboyant sometimes risque, costumes, the driving Brazilian samba, and the uninhibited, spirited atmosphere have earned CARNAVAL its reputation as one of the best and biggest such festivities outside Brazil.

What do i get for my 40 bucks?

You get admission to the best, wildest, craziest party you could ever want to attend. Two live Brazilian bands provide non-stop dance music…come in comfortable shoes, and be ready to dance for 5 hours straight! And be ready to see some outlandish costumes, and probably lots of skin!

Where is it held?

Our new home is EMO’S. It is at 2015 East Riverside, about a quarter mile EAST of Interstate 35. It is at the corner of Burton Drive, and set back about 200 feet from Riverside…the tallest building in the area. This is a non-smoking facility.

What about parking?

Emo’s has parking spots that wrap around the shopping complex. Keep in mind these spots do fill up quick on the night of shows so if you want to secure a spot please come early. We are working on securing other spaces in the shopping center across Burton Drive. We encourage carpooling and cabbing as alternatives.

What are the hours?

Doors open at 8pm, music starts at 9pm and ends about 1:45 a.m. WE WILL HAVE A COAT CHECK.

Are cameras allowed?

Cameras and camcorders are more than welcome.

What kind of music will there be?

Hard driving SAMBA! with lots of drums…
Beleza Brazil, a group from Rio, via New York City, will be headling. Beleza Brazil will be returning after a four year absence…previously, they played 12 years at Carnaval Austin.

Do I have to wear a costume?

No, you do not have to wear a costume, but a costume does help you get into the spirit of the event. Nonetheless, probably 30-40 percent of the party-goers come without a costume. Once there, you may decide you want to do something more festive with your appearance, we will have face painters on hand to help decorate the parts of your body you choose to expose!

What kind of costume do I wear?

You can wear any kind of costume you want… use your imagination. It is like Halloween without the emphasis on witches and hobgoblins:  clowns, Carmen Mirandas, glamour, pseudo-celebs and cross dressing are traditional! But the main thing is: have fun! One way Brazilians increase their enjoyment is by gathering a group together, either from a neighborhood or any other affiliation, and costume identically, or at least thematically-this is called a bloco, and we highly encourage this kind of communal spirit.

Will face and body painters be available?

There will be several painters at the event doing various forms of painting. The are independent contractors and charge a modest fee for the service.

Will there be drinks?

Cash bars will be scattered throughout the ballroom, as well as in a foyer where one can have a drink and decompress a bit. The bars will offer about any drink you want. By the way, bringing in your own alcoholic beverages is strictly taboo. DRINKS AT EMO’S ARE ABOUT 25% CHEAPER THAN PALMER EVENTS CENTER…

What about food?

No substantial food, but we hope to have a couple of food trucks parked at the front door! People come here to dance and let loose, not eat!


Emo’s is a non-smoking venue inside the building. There is a patio in the rear where smoking is permited.

Is there an age minimum?

No. Anyone of any age is welcome. Of course you must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages, and that law is strictly enforced. And though we will let children in, an arbitrary guideline is that kids under 10-12 may find the crowd a bit overwhelming…if your child is mature enough, bring ’em on in. (Obs: We don’t offer a children’s price. Sorry.)

How do we get tickets?

Tix are on sale beginning December 15. Carnaval sells out quickly every year, so early ticket purchase is advised.  Log onto: Carnaval Tickets.

Will tickets be available at the door?

Maybe. Probably not! They will be cash only.