Here are some interesting links, in no particular order, for more information and photos of Carnaval, Brazil and Brazilian Popular music. All are in English except as noted.

If you have more, e-mail us: click here. Have fun!

Austin Sunshine Camps
This organization provides a week of free summer camp experience to hundreds of at-risk local kids who benefit from the outdoors experience and companionship provided by camp staff. They also sponsor a year-round mentoring experience for selected kids who likewise benefit from the consistent tutoring and positive environment.

Dana’s Carnaval Fan Site
This to be the best Carnaval “fan site” we have seen, produced with much love by Dana…lots of great photos and personal stories… she sums up what this thing is all about on her intro page. We couldn’t have said it better.

Alô Bateria
An interesting overview of those pounding Carnaval drums, the bateria, of Rio’s Samba Schools…sometimes comprised of as many as 400 players. Complete with descriptions of all the drums and other instruments as well as photos and sound bites.

Lucy in Disguise
Austin’s best costume shop by a Brazilian mile. Located in now oh-so-trendy S. Congress. They have EVERYTHING you need for costuming: all the paint, makeup, wigs, boas, masks etc to do your own, or rent one of the gazillion outfits they have available for a turn-key night out.

The Bazaar
1605 E. Riverside, has been an Austin institution since the very mid 1960s. From costume and the wacky items you can buy to make your own costume they have it all, plus great makeup, lingerie and more.

Acadêmicos da Opera
Acadêmicos da Opera is Austin’s Samba School composed of a multitude of local drummers and dancers trained in performing authentic renditions of Rio’s great carnaval groups, the escolas de samba. Director Robert Patterson, leader of Sambaxê among other Austin Brazilian groups, spends many weeks each year in Brazil learning new drum techniques and rhythms which he transmits to the group’s members in long, dedicated hours of rehearsing. They offer a great taste of the amazing sound of Rio’s legendary carnaval parades. If you want to get involved with this great new Austin group,
go to their website on the downbeat, here.

Beleza Brasil (formerly Grupo Saveiro)
This great band has played Carnaval since 2003, and never fails to whip the crowd into a frenzy from the very first drum beat. Contact them through this link.

AJ Garces
AJ has done most of our posters since 1993. His style harkens to the golden age of commercial and magazine illustration of the 1940s and 1950s. His work also appears in publications such as Texas Monthly, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, the LA Times Sunday Magazine and many others. He has also produced a great line of retro clip art and retro typefaces.

Guy Juke
Guy Juke is a TRUE Renaissance artist who can render anything in a number of media and styles from nearly photo realistic to “out there” abstract. Without doubt one of Austin’s best artist, his paintings are amazing and usually leave you really thinking about the subject in a new, different way. He is one of the creators of the Austin concert poster school and created many of Carnaval’s great posters from 1980 through 1990.

Patricia’s Brazil Travel Blog
Patricia Ribeiro is a Brazilian, now living in Dallas, who understands Brazil, and knows how to present it in an effective, informative way to a non-Brazilian readership. Her blog appears under the auspices of, part of the New York Times Company, so she is no lightweight. I’ve used her site while in Brazil and found it very helpful. And she likes Carnaval in Austin: Patricia’s note about our party.

The Brazilian Sound
Some good historical writing about samba and other music written for carnaval extracted from the book, “The Brazilian Sound” by Chris McGowan. Neat photos and illustrations. Scan the rest of the site for more on other Brazilian music.

Agenda do Samba & Choro
This is in Portuguese only, but is the best way to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of Samba and Choro, club happenings, recordings, singers, composers, etc. Paulo does an amazing job of compiling noticias and alerts…check it out even if you can’t speak the language, you will pick up something…This is indispensible for folks heading to Rio in search of the real samba.

Carnival in Brazil
Good photos by a real fan. Link back to his main page and tour Brazil.

LIESA (Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro)
This is the official site of the major samba schools in Rio. This is where you go to find parade schedules and winners of the annual samba school competition and there are links to most of the schools. Unfortunately it is only in Portuguese.

San Diego Carnaval/Mardi Gras
For information regarding San Diego’s celebration!

Brazilian Music Up to Date
Read my lips.

The hip gringo’s guide to Brazil.

Brazzil: News from Brazil
Use the search engine on this site to locate past articles on Carnaval in Brazil. Their main page is not very helpful in some ways, but if you dig you can find great Brazilian information and links.

World Wide Samba Home Page
From Long Beach, California, of course! Good resource and links.

Maria Brazil
An incredible guide to Brazilian culture, music, art, and more. “Home of Brazilian culture on the web.” Another devoted fan page.

Bahia Online
This is a totally fantastic and comprehensive guide to perhaps the most magical city/state in Brazil. The culture is thick, the food is heady and the music is rousing…after all, samba is actually from Bahia, not Rio…as are Caetano, Gil, Bethania, Gal and…João Gilberto.

Clube do Tom
The ultimate website devoted to the music and art of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Brasilian Music Links
This site has about a million useful links to performers, regions, styles, net-radio, vendors and more…This might be the ultimate list for music sources, assembled by Egídio Leitão.

Música Brasileira
Another labor of love by our friend and fellow Austinite, Egídio. You’ll find interviews, reveiws and so on regarding new and old favorites in the world of Brazilian popular (and folk) music.

Clique Music
One of the most informative up-to-date sites with interviews, reviews, profiles and much more. The site opens in Portuguese, but offers an English version. Highly recommended.

Cantaloupe Music Productions
A very full roster of Brazilian music performers for booking at your next function…they can help you no matter where you live. Check it out.

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More Carnaval sites:

Carnaval du Brésil
In French, great photos.

Carnaval in Rio
All About Rio’s great guide to carnaval. Lots of history and photos. In English. All About Rio is a wonderful on-line guide to the city and through it, you can also find and book very nice hotels at very nice rates.

Brazilian Resources in Austin:

Casa Brasil Coffees
Austin’s only direct importer of coffees from Brazil. We endorse them and use their coffee at home!!!

From their site:
Casa Brasil began in 2005 as a Brazilian Cultural Center in Austin, Texas with a three-part mission: to facilitate the lives of Brazilians living in the United States, to provide a place to touch Brazil, and to promote Brazilian culture.This passion for Brazil combined with a passion for coffee led Casa Brasil to change its focus in 2007 to sourcing the highest quality Brazilian coffees. We purchase most of our coffees directly from producers, vacuum-sealing the green coffee in Brazil, importing the beans, then roasting to order.
Our mission is to share the best coffees from each harvest, and as a result, Casa Brasil was voted one of the best coffees in Central Texas by the Austin American-Statesman.